Getting Buggy for Summer!

Hello Friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write a blog. (I think I say that literally every time I post a blog but whatever)

Summer’s here and I’ve been working on a fun new collection just in time to celebrate! This might be my favorite collection since starting my online shop. It certainly has been the most fun to create. I mean, sure the night sky pieces bring me joy to create and so do the rainbow of cacti that are best sellers any time of the year.

However there’s something a little special about The Bug Collection. First - the technique I’m using. This may only be exciting for me and other ceramic artists. Being able to print designs weeks in advance and then apply them in batches to make mugs, dishes, and decorative trays has allowed me to be much more efficient in my little at-home-factory.

The other thing that’s special about the bugs is that these colorful botanical insect drawings were all made digitally. I illustrated every one of these creepy crawly insects on my iPad, which allowed me to apply them to a variety of different mediums! For the first time ever, I’ve got a collection that includes everything from whimsical handmade mugs for your morning coffee, to bug-tastic flip flops for your summer adventuring. Each bug is based on an actual insect that exists in real life, I poured a lot of myself into these pieces and I hope you enjoy them.

The Bug Collection has a little bit of everything, featuring art prints for your home, die-cut stickers, and even cute little trinket dishes to keep your odds and ends organized.

They'll all be waiting for you on June 17th.

Xo, Laura



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