New Ceramic Line : Rustic Red Collection

I've been making ceramics for about 3 years now, basically since I moved back home to Arizona and had the space and the time to do them. I've approached my ceramics business as a creative outlet away from the computer.

When I started in this medium, there was a huge learning curve for me. It was a lot of trial and error (and a lot of youtube tutorials or advice my friendly ceramic shop employees)

I feel like I've become a lot more comfortable in my ceramics over time, and with my most recent red clay batch, I decided to branch out from the things that were in my usual line-up and try something different. 

I'm drawn to vintage dishes whenever I'm in an antique shop or thrift store. Even though I hardly every practice this, I really enjoy the use of limited color palate and style when it comes to the vintage dishes that catch my eye. So I decided to exercise a little restraint in this batch. I used one type of clay, some white slip and occasionally 2 different underglazes for each of the pieces.

Rustic Red Coffee Pour-over and Pitcher