Holding on to Passion

Laura Jones Martinez Blog

Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.

Well, that’s the trick isn’t it? Find that thing that you love and hold on to it tightly for as long as you can. That thing has changed shapes over the years but my passion has always been about making. It doesn’t matter if   I’m making a logo for a small business, making illustrations for  someone’s event,  or making something personal that may never see the world outside my sketchbook  but just needs to make its way out of my head and onto paper. This  process of creating has always been one that has captivated me. Its the reason I chose the arts over another field.

I think what’s stuck with me about this quote is that there’s two parts to this —  the finding and the staying. For me,  staying interested means  prioritizing my passion over other things in my life . Creating a space in my life  for working on personal projects has not always been easy, but I need it and I’m choosing each day to stick with it.

Julia Childs definitely knew what was up.

What’s your passion and what steps can you do to stay interested in it?