Easter Crafting

NaturalEggDyeWe don’t usually go too crazy for easter, but this  year we have four lovely backyard chickens and I wanted to dye some of their eggs. My friend and neighbor also has a family of hens, so we decided to get together and try something new this year. Her chickens lay blue and white eggs, ours lay various shades of brown, so we already started off with really beautiful looking eggs.

I have been saving a few different natural egg dye recipes on pinterest  and they all looked pretty straightforward. Basically, you boil down the vegetable or tea, strain off the liquid (this is the dye)  and add a little vinegar. Ours didn’t come out nearly as bright as the ones I saw online, I think maybe that’s because the images online were of store-bought white eggs? Either way, it was fun and our two oldest daughters had fun writing messages on the eggs in white crayon and watching it appear with the dye.

Here’s what we used :

• Red onion paper

• Turmeric  (we didn’t boil it, just mixed with water and a little vinegar)

• Red zinger tea, black tea,

• Purple kale stalks

• Cranberries.

There might have been one or two other things we tried. Red onion was definitely my favorite. But, now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these lovelies  because nobody in our house eats hard boiled eggs 🙂